Our Team



Co-Creators and Hosts


LaToya Strong

LaToya lives with her plants in the best borough in New York City, The Bronx. She is a high school science teacher in Brooklyn so she spends a lot of time on delayed trains. You can find LaToya dancing and reading her way through the city thinking about, and trying to enact decolonial approaches to science and science education.

Atasi headshot.jpeg

Atasi Das

Atasi is an educator and doctoral candidate currently based in Harlem. She loves cooking, eating, and growing things. As an elementary educator, she has been developing a liberatory praxis - learning and doing to change the world- while creatively stacking papers all over her apartment.  Atasi's doctoral research focuses on enacting a critical numeracy across the curriculum in schools. 

Supporting Team

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Allison L. Cabana

Allison lives in New York City and is an excellent transcriptionist, among many other talents. She’s a researcher working across issues focused on knowledge production and disrupting borders. She spends her time in the sun when it’s warm and drinking coffee when it’s cold.

Emmanuel Olugbenga

Emmanuel is an amazing audio podcast editor, video editor, and scriptwriter. He has a degree in Mass Communication and lives in Abuja, Nigeria. He strives for excellence in all he does and has been our podcast producer right from the start, perfecting the sound and making adjustment to the audio quality.